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Volunteer Information

Subject Matter Expert (SME) Coordinator Positions

These unpaid volunteer positions will require time primarily in the months of May and June. We need some SMEs who can be proactive in looking for things that need to be done, primarily updating content on official channels based on things which are tagged in the Discord server.

If you are selected to fill the position, you will be invited to a coordinator group chat on Discord, and you are allowed to have helpers who report to you directly. In these volunteer roles, you are expected to use your best judgment and not be micromanaged.

Social Media Specialist

The current social media platforms utilized are Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Buffer is being used to schedule posts.

You are encouraged to assemble a team of your choosing to help. Some of the bullet points under Desired Knowledge can be a full volunteer position all their own; however, we need someone who is familiar enough with the requirements to be able to direct others to accomplish these tasks.

Volunteer Application

Desired knowledge

  • Proactive crafting of promotional messages for events
  • Ideal scheduled time windows for posts
  • Best practices for hashtags, mentions, and sharing
  • Creating promotional images (i.e. Canva, Photoshop, etc)

Why We're Doing This

The Trevor Project is a charity near and dear to our hearts for a variety of reasons. For one, they are one of the top rated non-profit organizations in the LGBTQIA+ community. They’ve fostered trust and support from the community over a number of years.

Many of Fabulous Marines 2021 participants wish they had a resource like The Trevor Project when they were growing up and figuring things out. We understand the importance of helping people with feeling accepted and offering guidance during the turmoil of figuring things out about themselves and their relationships with others.

Additionally, we know the value of having resources available to help understand how best to support loved ones. We believe education on the topics of sexualities and genders is necessary for the entirety of the community as a whole, allies and LGBTQIA+ folks alike.


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